Happy Thanksgiving from Anthony Rubio

Happy Thanksgiving from Anthony Rubio


What I am Thankful for
Where does one start when you have a list a mile long of people and things you are grateful to have and have had in your life?
I will start by Thanking my Lord for every breath I am able to take, every light of day and dark of night I can see and live to experience.

I am Thankful for my Lord’s blessings and guidance and for not just helping me achieve but for all the lessons and reminders of who I am and where I have been.

I am Thankful for the great times, the achievements and accolades but also for the challenges and yes even my failures because from them I learn to be strong, focused and resilient.
I am Thankful for the love and support that surrounds me especially from my mom who watches and blesses me. I thank all of those who trust and appreciate my vision and give their support that, along the way, they to will receive their due rewards and recognition.

I am most grateful for my family, those to whom I don’t say,” Thank you.” and “I love you” enough, but don’t sit around feeling hurt or forgotten because they truly know that my love and appreciation for them goes beyond words.

As you can clearly see, I have only scratched the surface and wish that I could list each and every individual I am thankful for but just can’t. Instead I express to each and everyone who has touched my life, in some way, that I do appreciate you and that on this day I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving.

I am not sure and am very afraid of the direction this world is headed to but alas my faith in God will not be shaken. I believe that our Lord will do what is best for us all.

God’s gift to us is our lives and the way to show our thanks is to be the best human beings we can be.
That said, I close in saying to one and all.
Happy Thanksgiving!